Fintan Neff

This was a Django application created by a group of two students and myself for a class. We created a text-based forum where can users post either anonymously or with an account, and where logged in users can create new discussion topics. Through this project, we gained experience working on a full stack application, as well as experience designing a relational database. The project was developed using an Agile Development model, where in each week we would meet as a group and discuss what we worked on, (These meetings would take place in class and the professor was there to act as if he were a stakeholder,) as well as our plan for what we would work on next.

Project Lullaby

This was a demo I worked on for an independent study. I was the lead programmer on this project, and I worked with a talented group of artists, sound designers, composers, and other programmers to create a demo for a turn-based role playing game which incorporated gameplay mechanics of a rhythm game. As with most games created in Unity, the language used was C#. This project was developed and managed in a manner similar to agile development, where in we would assign tasks and discuss our progress during biweekly meetings.

Goob & Balloons

This was a game created in one week for the "GoGodotJam" game jam. I worked on this project with one other person; they were primarily an artist while I was primarily a programmer. Our aim was to create a single screen arcade-styled game playable in browser within the time limit. We used the Godot engine, and subsequently used Godot's GDscript- which has syntax similar to python.

Shipwreckers 6

This was a short VR game created for a class which I took as an elective. I worked on this project with one other person, and both of us contributed heavily to programming, art, animation, and audio design. This game places the player on a small island where they must fend off a large ship using a cannon attached to their arm. Our goal was to create a VR action game that did not require movement via the analog sticks, and in this I think we greatly succeeded. This game was created using C# and Unity.


This was a game made in approximately three days for a game jam. I worked on this short platformer game with one other person and we both contributed heavily to programming, art, and audio design. The game made was using Godot and GDscript.